Welcome to my homepage! My name is Andreas Schimm and I am your realtor and real estate expert in Wiesbaden and the Rhein-Main, Rheingau-Taunus Region.

If you seek advice how to sell your property at the best price, legally secure and without hassle you need not look any further. I am a fully qualified german lawyer, a certified real estate agent, and I hold a degree in management from a UK University. My English is fluent due to many years abroad and job assignments around the world.

Wiesbaden and the wider region is a hot property market that requires in depth knowledge of evaluations and how the market ticks. The presence of US civil and military personell in Wiesbaden has a significant impact on the local property market, availablity and prices. If you own real estate in Wiesbaden and like to know its current value and what it takes to sell your property, contact me immediately. Your approach comes with no obligation on your part.

                                       Mail to andreas.schimm@sch-immo.de or call me under +49 157 8466 2538.